When you go to Nonna Gio’s house, you won’t find a long menu list to ponder over. You eat what she’s cooked, because she knows what to cook. And this is how it works at our restaurant.

We have Il Ricettario di Nonna Gio, a collection of Nonna Gio’s favourite recipes. A vast reserve of our great grandmother’s favourites to cook and eat.

You come in and enjoy whichever delight mum has cooked up that day. You may choose the portion size, to allow sharing with family and friends if you wish, as well as enjoying your own generous serving. All of your delicious meals will be accompanied by the choice of our lovely selection of Italian wine and crafted beer.  Enjoy also the fine cheeses, and inviting Dolci, not to mention the Caffe that wraps up the night, brought to your table in the Caffetteria Napoletana it was made in.

The chosen dish changes every few days, so you can try a new, special slice of home every time you come around.

The food is authentic and simple, as it should be. We don’t do fusion, we don’t modernise, we don’t aim to please all. We aim to please those who want to know what it really tastes like, what it really smells and feels like back home.

Only the best of the best have made the cut, and I challenge you to tell me your knees didn’t weaken with every mouthful nonetheless.