The culture is too rich, the food too satisfying, the wine too good for us to keep it to our selves. Our mission, our philosophy is to give you the same experience all of us had at Nonna Gio’s dinner table.

Recipes that have stood the test of time, having been passed down to Nonna Gio’s own children, including Marida, my strong, elegant, perfect grandmother, and then naturally down the line, to her daughter, Rosangela.

My beautiful mother, Rosangela, your cook, has made it her responsibility to transcend Nonna Gio’s legacy from Castellamare Di Stabia, to this little piece of paradise on King Street. You can watch every step of the loving process as she cooks in plain view, hiding nothing, just as she does at home. You may even sit at the chef’s banquet and remember what it was like to be a child, hungrily watching, awaiting whatever mum might be cooking.

Her children will bring you your food and pour you your wine. Her husband will work overnight, baking the bread she will serve in the evening. Her kitchen will warm you, and her food will change you.

Our food is real, because we are real. This is our family kitchen, and our family food, only with open doors and open hearts. Be part of the family for a meal, and know that once you’re in, you’re in for the long run.