Nonna Gio invites you and your family

We’re a young establishment with an ancient history, who wish only to share it with you. We’ve brought a special little piece of home to the welcoming streets of Newtown, and can’t wait for you to join us for dinner.
Our recipes are traditional, those that have withstood the test of time, kept authentic and passed down generations by our great grandmother, Nonna Gio, so you know you’re getting the real experience. She’s at home and is counting on us, so help us make her proud.
Come around for a truly authentic meal in nonna’s kitchen, cooked for you with just the same love as it is cooked for the family back home.


Nonna Gio is my great grandmother. She is also our daughter, our sister, our wife, our mother, our grandmother. She belongs to her home, Castellamare Di Stabia in the south of our Italy. We are made of her blood, her love, and her food.

With almost 100 joyful years of trial and error under her trusty wing, it’s safe to say we can trust her judgment. If she says the food is good, you’d do best to believe the woman.